Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical to Become an Effective Leader


          We can all agree that confidence, knowledge, motivation and charisma are often the qualities that we seek when looking for a leader. When we look around at those who define the true meaning of leadership we can always sense that they have that extra something that we can’t quite put our finger on, but indefinitely makes them stand out among the rest. That something is Emotional Intelligence.

         E.I. is defined by “the ability to understand and manage our emotions and those around us”. Thinking about all the leaders that surround you, wouldn’t you agree that this is a quality they all share? It is why they are successful in influencing and inspiring those around them.  Truly great leaders identify, understand, and not only manage their own emotions, but are able to do that with others in a very empowering way. It is critical to have a high level of emotional intelligence to become an effective leader. Now, don’t get discouraged because you too possess this quality… you just have to master it.

Here are the 4 fundamental attributes of Emotional Intelligence:


Self-Awareness is about knowing ourselves and being able to assess our own emotions and understand why we respond a certain way to a situation. Then learn to understand how others respond to us and our impact on them.


Self-Management is our ability to control our impulse feelings.  It is our ability to act in changing situations while staying positive without reacting to them quickly

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is the ability to perceive other people’s emotions and behaviors. It is about having compassion, empathy, and always being a team player.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management is the ability to help others shine and is the most important of all. This creates transformational leaders who help collaborate everyone’s ideas. It is the ability to resolve conflicts in a positive manner and to make decisions in challenging situations. It creates good communicators and gives you the ability to draw others to you and engage your group and/or audience.


Here is what you can do to increase your Emotional Intelligence:

  • Learn to identify your emotions and understand why you are feeling this way and how your emotions are impacting others.
  • Increase your ability to control your emotions and inner state in situations so that decisions can still be made and projects can get completed.
  • Ask more questions, be a better listener, make eye contact and use the right body language.
  • Build confidence in not letting your emotions lead you but you leading your emotions.
  • Identify emotions in a group setting. Show more empathy and compassion.
  • Sell without attachment and be comfortable helping with delayed reactions.
  • Smile more!

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