Who is Your ‘Person?’

October 2022

We are all looking for our ‘Tribe’—the people or group of individuals we most connect with while supporting and encouraging us, even sometimes defend us. So who is in your tribe? You know—the people who ‘get’ you. Those who listen while you vent or tell you what you need to hear.

You might lean on your spouse or childhood friends. You might vent to people you pay—whether counselors or bartenders or even your hairstylist. But can they guide you through your career decisions? Will they consider your life ambitions? Do they have the resources to ask the questions that lead you to self-discovery and your own decisions?

I’m sure you are familiar with Life Coaches and Business Coaches. But maybe what you need is, well, both. Not quite a mentor, but not just a sounding board. A ‘person’ who is able to see all sides of your life and help you work through what you really want to achieve and how you want to live.

This is why I’ve expanded my Coaching & Consulting to cover all areas of life without separating business decisions from life goals. After all, our career and personal lives are intertwined.

Can you envision living your best personal life AND professional life with joy and certainty?

READY:  Define YOU (Start Writing)

List 3 people who seem to be where they belong. They could be friends, family, colleagues, public figures, famous people, living or long gone. 

Now list their traits or accomplishments that fascinate you.

From here, start a ‘bucket list’ of traits, endeavors, and experiences that you’d like to hone for yourself and current attributes that you’d like to expand and use.

SETThings to DO to help you grow:

Find a podcast that highlights the accomplishments of people who could be ‘your people.’ Try 5 Minute Biographies as a place to start. Mini-segments about people as varied as Amelia Earhart and Jimi Hendrix will get you started on finding your true, undiscovered YOU.

Read about people you admire and who seem to be where you want to be or learn more about those who struck a chord with you from those podcasts.

Get honest impressions: Ask colleagues and people you respect how they see you. Sit down together or take a walk . . . even a phone call can be a great start. Sometimes people ‘ once removed’ from us see us in a different light. Ask them questions like, ‘How would you describe the perfect vacation for me?’ Or ‘If I didn’t end up in my current job/career, what do you think I’d be doing for a living right now?’

GO: Here’s a little inspiration to keep you going:

Whatever your path, whatever your past, your future is where you are going. Let’s get you there with intention. I’m your ‘person’ for outlining goals and tracking progress. I’m also your ‘person’ for making sure you enjoy getting there and that it fits in with the lifestyle you yearn for.

Let’s get to it together. And, as always, I’m here for a call when you need me: calendly.com/georganneford

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