What’s Your Plan?

As we approach the end of yet another year that sped by, do you find yourself feeling just a little like you are on auto-repeat?  Maybe you had plans to start writing a book, learn a new skill, go after a promotion or a new job.  Perhaps you’ve toyed with idea of a second career or an early (or long-awaited) retirement. But you just haven’t started . . .

These ‘plans’ are not receiving the attention they deserve . . .  and that you deserve.  A true plan entails some sort of written process with a timeline and a to-do list. I know you know this—generally referred to as goals. It’s just a matter of getting started. That first step is the hardest one.

If you are thinking of creating a change in your life, are you ready to step up and create a plan of action?

So here’s my challenge: Start! Yes, just start your plan. Start by writing something down regarding where you’d like to be this time next year. Even if you rip it up, start again. Even if it’s wrong, make another start. One step. That’s it. Start.

READY: Get writing.

  1. Write down—somewhere easily accessible to you—your end-game for 2023. What would you like to begin? How far along do you want to be in December? Whether it’s to have an outline for a book or to give notice of your retirement, just write something.   What areas in your business or life do you want to intentionally focus on in 2023?
  2. Working backward from your end date, jot down things you’ll need to gather, people you may want to contact, and a few tasks you already have on your mind. Give them ‘complete by’ dates. For example, if you will be writing a book, you might give yourself a deadline of September 20 for signing on with a publisher, then work backward with a deadline for researching publishers by July 28 and another for June 30 for deciding what type of publishing you will use. See how working backward offers perspective?

SET: Things to DO to keep your intentions ‘front of mind.’

  1. Make sure to add deadlines and reminders to your electronic calendar to keep you from getting sidetracked or losing track of time.
  2. Level-up your networking in the coming year. This is where you’ll find those professionals to consider adding to your team of advisors. Attend new groups to meet some new contacts. Put all networking opportunities in your calendar with a reminder the day prior and about an hour before to help get you out the door.
  3. Follow up with those contacts. Take the opportunity to pick people’s brains. Search out those who have done what you are working toward and ask them to lunch or coffee. Their insights can be invaluable.

GO: Here’s a little inspiration to keep you going.

A Goal without a plan is just a Wish

You know how to do this, and you know what to do. You’ve been setting and achieving goals throughout your career. Apply those same processes to your own dream/plan/intention and you will achieve your own personal transition goal. Let’s get to it together.

And, as always, I’m here for a call when you need me: calendly.com/georganneford

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