Transitioning to Your Next Act

Navigating the past several months has a lot of us re-evaluating our priorities and our futures. While some have been forced to transition to alternative careers, others are viewing the world—and their place in it—differently. I find that people facing career transitions fall into one of these three scenarios:

Required: Whether forced into early retirement or ending up on the unemployment website, many positions and even entire companies have been eliminated, forcing those affected to take a second look at what they ‘want to do when they grow up.’ With all the streamlining companies have gone through in response to COVID restrictions and supply chain impairments, many find themselves reviewing their options as to how to produce an income. While considering switching careers, going back to school or starting a business, this group is asking, ‘What now?’

Recognizing options: People in this group may have embraced work-from-home and virtual school. It opened our eyes to a new realm of possibilities and gave us a peak into that work-life balance that’s been discussed, but not really defined. Well, here we are—realizing that we really DO enjoy spending time with our families or that maybe we DON’T need two full-on professional incomes. The option to take a mid-week ski trip and still work–from wherever you might be with a laptop and a cell phone–is something we want to see more of. There are choices and options like never before and they need to be sorted through. People in this group are asking themselves, ‘What’s the plan?’

Retire—NOT: Sometimes society, the workplace or the government dictates when it’s time to retire. But we are seeing multitudes of people retire from one career and go on to a ‘second act.’ It may be time to retire, but certainly not time to just stop. There is still value to offer, passions to explore and interests to expand. The question for this group then becomes, ‘What’s next?’

Need help sorting through your options?  Are you restless and looking for a new lifestyle that your current career just doesn’t allow for? Have you been forced to reconsider what your job even is anymore? Are you looking for your second (or third) act—something that energizes you?

There are so many options, choices and opportunities—some that may not have existed two years ago, some that we would never have considered in the past. But we’re living in a new world. Our expectations have changed. 

Discover what is next for you, create an action plan and get to it. Yes, you’ll need to think it through for practicality and timing. And you’ll need to talk it through with who had  ‘been there’ to avoid pitfalls or, at the very least, to be prepared for the challenges.

So let’s talk about YOUR options and create YOUR plan. Send me a message and I’ll reply with my scheduling link to set up a 20-minute call.

I help people through not only career, but life, transitions. As you go through a variety of thought-provoking questions and ways to investigate and weigh your options, you can confidently create a path to a new way of life, a new way to work or a new way to retire. Life is a journey with many detours, but with a bit of guidance, planning and forethought, you can make those detours be the ‘scenic route’ rather than a complication. Let’s see what’s around the corner for your next act. 

Start with this free resource: The Strength Assessment, developed by Martin Seligman, will help you identify your Signature Strengths/Values in Action.  Knowing your top 5 values can give you a starting point. The assessment is online, it is free, and it will take about 30 minutes to outline your best character traits. Find additional resources on my website. Then message me. I’d love to know how you view your transition.

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