Team Effectiveness Assessment

How effective and efficient is your team?

This quick assessment will give you an idea of where your team ranks as far as high-producing teams. You’ll also be rated on some core team competencies like team building, conflict resolution, individual growth and clarity of vision.

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1.My team is clear on the goal and the tasks and have all the resources they need for success. *
2.Team members aren’t clear on business decisions or don’t agree with those decisions. *
3.Leaders are clear with each team member on how that member’s work impacts the overall goal. *
4.Our team members recognize the balance between the need for autonomy and the need to collaborate. *
5.Team members are encouraged to work well together and build strong relationships. *
6.Leadership offers clear, consistent feedback to team members regarding their performance. *
7.Team members are encouraged to take part in personal & professional development opportunities. *
8.I feel like our team meetings are not as efficient as they could be. *
9.We give team member the chance to work on tasks they find interesting and grow their knowledge and abilities. *
10.We encourage team members to work for the good of the entire organization. *
11.My team understands team dynamics and the stages of team development when a team changes or is newly formed. *
12.My team has low morale and there are frequent complaints from the team members. *
13.Team members aren’t certain what is expected of them or that their work will be rewarded. *
14.My team has conflict and hostility among each other that isn’t improving. *
15.There is a lack of coordination among teams or strained relationships. *
16.We encourage team members to commit to the team vision. *

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