Leadership Personality Assessment

When it comes to leadership, we all have different styles, gifts and challenges. There is no one right way to lead. It has to do with what we are passionate about, what we think is important and what inspires us to lead.

When we try to assess ourselves, it can be a struggle to truly be able to see our leadership qualities from the outside. I’ve developed this quick assessment so you can see what type of leader you are and how it presents itself in your day-to-day leadership.

Below answer each of the questions and your leadership type(s) will be calculated by your strengths.

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1.I encourage my team to find their own solutions without providing the answers to them. *
2.We update our employees on all areas that may impact them. *
3.I support my team and am willing to advocate for what they need to higher management. *
4.People often ask me for leadership advice or professional expertise. *
5.I am focused on our company goals and how we can best use resources to achieve success. *
6.I am patient with changes in technology and staff *
7.I use empathy when my employees or co-workers come to me with a problem. *
8.I can break huge projects into manageable steps. *
9.I use praise and positive feedback over negative feedback. *
10.I focus on the big picture rather than worry about the little things. *
11.I can easily persuade others to see things my way. *
12.I budget funds for our employees to take workshops or get assistance with their continued growth. *
13.It is common for me to read books on my industry or on skills that would make me a better leader. *
14.After I’ve made a decision, I can easily get others to agree. *
15.I see when team members are in conflict and work to get them to come to an understanding. *
16.I give regular feedback to my employees so they know exactly what I think about their work. *
17.I am able to see past my perspective and step into someone else’s. *
18.My employees know exactly what is expected of them. *
19.I have great time management skills. *
20.I find relationships to be the most important element of business. *
21.I encourage all our employees to continue learning and growing their skills. *
22.I use conflict as a way to encourage discussion of the different perspectives. *
23.I am able to remain fair, just and level-headed in difficult situations. *
24.When I delegate tasks, I remain available for consultation. *
25.I tend to find unique solutions no one else sees. *
26.I have been to a conference, workshop or coach in the last year for continued growth. *
27.I have the courage to say what I think even if I am the only one in the room with my opinion. *
28.I look for ways to challenge employees to grow and develop. *
29.I give employees the time and space to speak freely to me about concerns or ideas. *
30.I refuse to tolerate bigotry or small-mindedness among my staff. *