How Adaptable is Your Leadership?

The one thing about business that is always true is that it is changing. Take this 2-minute assessment to find out how adaptable you are when it comes to change.

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1.My focus is on the priorities that I can act on. *
2.I ask for help from my team. *
3.I have clear goals for the future. *
4.I acknowledge my strengths. *
5.I accept the past and use it towards building my future. *
6.I am creative and innovative. *
7.I use my own strengths to their highest potential. *
8.I am aware of, and compassionate towards others. *
9.I am a good listener. *
10.I team up with others for better results. *
11.I ask questions because I am curious and eager to learn more. *
12.I learn from my failures and successes. *
13.I always have high expectations for myself and others. *
14.I easily adapt to any situation. *
15.I explore new findings. *
16.I am empathetic towards others. *
17.I push through tough problems and find a way to solve them. *
18.I am able to control my emotions. *
19.I am able to turn a bad situation into a good one. *
20.I am aware of my emotions during a transition. *

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