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Get your team on the same page - Success!

One of the biggest struggles for leaders can be getting the team on the same page. Each member has a different personality, but they should all be working towards the same major goals in their own lanes. Challenges in communication, uncertain expectations and lack of shared vision can all impact the performance of your team, and therefore, business.


Want your entire team to focus on business development?

We do too because we know that's the difference between success and failure of a business. Georganne believes that every member of your team needs to know how to build new business - even if they aren't on the Sales Team. Every person your company hires is the face of your business. With team coaching, you can ensure they all have the skills to grow your bottom line.


Individual & Team Coaching, only customized

Georganne's coaching isn't an out-of-the-box formula that she presents to every group. She looks at the challenges within the team and personalities, along with the vision and mission of the company to make recommendations that will most quickly and effectively address your specific struggles and turn them around. Sometimes that means a group coaching session or program, sometimes that is just coaching the most impactful members of the team. Either way, Georganne has the tools to help you team get on the same page and be more productive.


If your team needs to be rejuvenated,

more connected, or more profitable

Some of the most popular coaching topics for teams:


Shared Vision

Is your team clear on the vision of your company and their impact on that vision? If they don't share a vision, they aren't on the same page.

Clean, clear communication

Disagreements happen, but how your team communicates differences of opinion and makes decisions has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Retaining clients

One of your easiest sales is that of repeat customers. If they invest in you once, it's likely they will come back. Add some strategies to ensuring the return.

Business Development

Everyone in your company should know how to develop new business, even if that isn't technically their job. Plus, Georganne has the certified sales coaching you want to teach your team to find more business.

Sales Strategies

If your sales team seems a little stagnant, shake them up a little with new skills and tools to help them mine the opportunities that are everywhere. Learn trends and strategies that make the most of your resources.

Craft Collaboration

As a leader you want to see your team thrive in their environment and with each other. By offering clarity and expectations, you will be able to craft the clarity your team needs to synergize.

Hear what clients have to say:

"Georganne Ford's workshop "Keep in Touch Strategy" was exactly what I needed. Finding ways to stay in touch with my clients and possibly more important, with my prospects whom I hope to be future clients, has always been something I need to do more of. Georganne's simple program and ideas for reaching out are easy to follow and will undoubtedly help me to grow my business by Keeping in Touch with my prospects more often and not missing that unique opportunity when they need something from me, by keeping my name in their thoughts more often. I look forward to working on this strategy in more depth going forward. THANKS GEORGANNE!"

~ Todd Hesbacher, Business Owner 
   Home Run Office Products


"The best part of the workshop was you, and your gentle prodding to move me from no action to action!  I've implemented the 5 contacts per day and it has really motivated me and helped me get my funnel moving forward. Thanks again for all your help and thank you for working with me."

~ Frank Hueber
   Itex Philadelphia Barter LLC

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