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Whether you are an organization or a business, we want to work with your group! By George Coaching classes and workshops are designed to give you real skills you can put into practice. It’s the most affordable way to get the skills you need to improve your personal and business performance.

Our events are always learning opportunities that come with both hands-on, practical techniques while applying less tangible skills like communication and emotional intelligence. This way, you get the actionable skills that focus on statistical growth while also growing the less measurable impacts on growth like building strong relationships and motivating teams. We work with groups from 3-300+ and we can come to you or organize an entire event specifically for your needs. You don’t have to provide anything but the people. Our workshops and presentations are flexible and can be held:
  • Virtually
  • In your office
  • In a third party space of your choice
  • At company retreats or conferences

Below, you'll find some of the workshops and presentations that By George Coaching offers. Additional topics can be discussed and will be customized to the audience attending the event.

Speaking topic:

Building Team Cohesion with Emotional Intelligence

Teams at work often consist of many different types of people. Trying to get them to work cohesively and smoothly can sometimes be a challenge, or maybe not as smooth as we would hope. We know that teams are more profitable when they work well together. This workshop is all about how we listen to each other and how we employ our Emotional Intelligence to create team unity and company profitability.

Who this is for:

Anyone who works in a team. Whether you're an old hat or a fresh perspective, you'll learn skills that will help you better communicate and understand your teammates more.

What you'll learn:

  • How Emotional Intelligence works in a team environment
  • The core elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Assess your own Emotional Intelligence score
  • Ways to create an atmosphere of Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • How to employ and build on these skills



Speaking topic:

Emotional Intelligence for Better Sales Performance

Sales performance isn't just about knowing the data and specs of a product or service. In fact, some psychologists would suggest that salespeople having skills in Emotional Intelligence will far outsell someone with all the data. Knowing how to relate to your prospective clients, anticipate their needs and feelings, and being able to respond to those cues are all part of being emotionally intelligent. This workshop offers practical ways to employ more of their Emotional Intelligence to better connect with clients and increase profitability.

Who this talk is for:

Anyone who speaks to clients. Afterall, your sales team aren't the only ones responsible for selling. All employees that interact with clients need these skills.

What you'll learn:

  • How EI impacts your bottom line
  • Specific EI skills that will benefit those connecting with clients
  • How to read your client's mind and feelings
  • Ways to sell without being pushy or employing strong fear tactics
  • Tools you can use to tune into your clients true needs and connect to them



Speaking topic:

Developing Great Leaders with Emotional Intelligence

What are the skills that make leaders great? In studies, it is found that leaders with high scores of Emotional Intelligence are TWICE as likely to excel in their positions, be well-respected among their teams and lead their companies to continued growth and profitability.  Emotional Intelligence is no longer an option, it is requirement for leaders. In this workshop, Georganne presents the skills that leaders need most but don't learn in college. You'll learn how to motivate people, how to communicate in an inspiring way, and how to manage high-performing teams.

Who is this for:

Anyone who is or is looking to be a leader in their company. These skills will be helpful to those leading or communicating with people or teams.

What you'll learn:

  • Ways EI makes leaders great rather than good
  • How leaders can embrace EI
  • Your overall Emotional Intelligence score
  • The skills that will help you become respected among your team
  • How to model the skills for employees to follow



Speaking topic:

Improving Client Experience through Better Communication

Whether you are talking to a prospective client, a returning client, or current clients, the way your company communicates is essential to your success. In this workshop, Georganne speaks about the consistency of language in your company, how well your company is responding to challenging conversations, and if your clients are feeling heard and appreciated. You'll learn practical ways to communicate, even in difficult situations.

Who this talk is for:

Anyone in the company who works on a team or with clients.

What you'll learn:

  • The common challenges in communication
  • How to communicate your core values to your clients
  • What clients expect when it comes to communication
  • How to get everyone in the company on the same message
  • Ways to move projects forward without being pushy
  • Hearing and addressing client needs in challenging situations


Speaking topic:

The Keys to Retention Strategies & Increased Profits

If you've been in business for a while, you know that returning clients can be worth dozens of cold calls. If someone has said yes to you once, it is easier and more likely they will say yes to you again and again. The keys are to have the right processes and strategies to get them to return. It is less effort than finding new clients, but you still need to put some focus on it. Georganne will teach processes, tools, and offer resources to help you mine the gold you already have.

Who this talk is for:

Anyone in the company who works on a team or with clients.

What you'll learn:

  • Why customers buy and why they become return customers
  • Successful retention programs other Fortune 500 companies use
  • How automation can help you serve these clients in a professional way
  • Ways to create the offerings these specific customers need
  • How to re-engage clients who might not have had the best experience the first time around


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What clients say about By George Coaching Workshops:

"I recently attended a seminar facilitated by Georganne for goals and time management. She has a different take on the subject matter that gets you to really think about what you want to achieve in your business. In the spring of 2019, my business will be celebrating 15 years (8 under my ownership), and I'm ready to shake things up a bit. This seminar helped me to focus on some key questions that will guide my business in the new year for better performance and results on many levels. I greatly appreciate the insights and knowledge that Georganne brought to our session and the way she facilitated so that we learned from each other."

-Cathy Agasar-Windland
Spa Owner


"I actually identified a couple of new goals since attending your workshop but what was most impactful for me was that I identified and prioritized one very important goal.

This has inspired me to take immediate action as well as plan the next steps I will take to accomplish my goals.  I will use my ‘Life Plan’ for both my work and personal life referring to it often!  While driving home that evening many ideas were coming to mind especially once I realized why, how and when I can best use what I just learned.  I am very happy that I attended your workshop getting much more from this than I originally stated at the end of the seminar."

-Mark Gyuraki
Catalfano Brothers

Testimonial from Workshop: Improve Your Life and Time Management- Set Personal Goals


"Georganne helped me identify the main goal in my life that would encompass or bring forth happiness in my financial and personal life when I retire. The life plan is currently in the process to achieve my goal professionally and personally. The breakthroughs obtained by attending the workshop is confirming the process of obtaining information with professionals to financially feel secure when I retire and to continue to work on connections to meet a special person to enjoy Life’s journey together in peace and happiness and love.
Thank you for your guidance and for the right questions to help me think about the direction or path leading into my personal goals."

-Annamarie  Scarselletti
Mortgage Broker-Fianancial Access

Testimonial from Workshop: Improve Your Life and Time Management- Set Personal Goals


"It was on January 9, 2014, the day that challenged me to launch a new start and strategy toward a more satisfying professional and personal life. It was the Keep In Touch Strategy Workshop Seminar hosted by Georganne Ford of By George Coaching.

This intimate and very inspiring gathering of business/career minded professionals offered a better, more effective approach towards maximizing growth and success through relationship building. I’m looking to see where the road of life will take me next on my personal and professional journey, which goes hand-in-hand.

Georganne was informative, engaging, warm and honest during her presentation. She certainly has me inspired to make many changes that will challenge and enhance my approach to life, which will enhance every other aspect of life in the business world.”

~ Rozanne Spiecker, Healthcare Credentialing Coordinator
Publicis Touchpoint Solutions


"Great talk today at the Greater Bucks County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES THAT CAN INCREASE PROFITS.  You definitely knocked it out of the park!

I loved all of the ideas you presented, as well as, some great takeaways from it.  Please put me on a list to follow up with the leadership sessions you are organizing and running.  I would love to get some knowledge and direction from you with your level of experience."

~ Matt Cherepanya, Director of Sales
Inverse Paradox
, Penndel, PA 19047


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