Mystery Client Review

Your Clients See a Lot You Don't

Get their perspective with a Mystery Client Review: Mystery Shopping for Professional Services

Wondering why more business isn't coming in the door?
Or if leads are coming in, why they don’t seem to close?

A Mystery Client Review service will help you learn more about the customer experience when someone contacts your business. We'll assess everything from what happens when a client contacts you until they are ready to close, and even beyond that where requested.

What a Mystery Client Review will do for your business:

  • Help you understand your client's decision making process
  • Clarify what the client's experience is when they try to make initial contact
  • Identify any challenges that may have potential clients going elsewhere
  • Point out anything that you are doing well so you keep what's good
  • Find the areas that need to be smoothed out and offer possible solutions
  • Help craft employee standards and improve processes
  • Create more clients and profit by helping you use your resources more wisely


Each Mystery Client Review is customized for your business.

You tell us what you think is important and what you want us to look for and we'll give you all that and our additional recommendations and observations.

Some of the initial questions we ask for almost any business:

  • What happened when I called?  Was I able to obtain any helpful information?
  • Did I feel like the person cared about getting my reason for calling correct?
  • Were they able to answer my questions?
  • Did they read back their notes to confirm the message was correct, and understood why  I was calling?
  • Did I want to keep calling the other businesses on my list, or did I feel like I would like to wait to hear back from this business first?  What made the difference?
  • Was I informed of when I could expect a return call if I was unable to be helped when I called?
  • Were there any follow up calls after the initial call to check back on my experience?

Want to try it out... for free?

I've done these reviews with my clients, but I have not offered this service on its own, so I'm offering a free Mystery Client Review to 5 people each month for the rest of the year. Want to be one?


Want a full Mystery Client Review?

Whether you just want to know why they don't call back after an initial connect or you're finding they are leaving during the sales cycle, we can find out. Contact me to chat about where you want to focus . We'll create metrics and carry out our mission. Then we'll report back to you the good, the challenging and the able to easily fix.

We want to help you make it easier for clients to find you and keep them interested throughout the sales cycle. Let us help you see things the way your client does every day.

About Georganne Ford:

Georganne is an accredited member of the International Coach Federation with over 20 years of sales, marketing, and management experience. She pulls the greatest leadership qualities out of you to help you reach your potential - in business and life.

Georganne is the real deal according to her clients because she covers more than just the book knowledge. She learns about your team and helps owners and stake-holders see the big picture. With her diverse business expertise and her consistent desire to learn more and have impactful business discussions, she's covered many topics in the past like:

  • Identifying Core Values
  • Career development
  • Strategic planning
  • Improving time management
  • Feedback and Coaching for Increased Accountability
  • Customer Retention
  • Increasing team effectiveness

Learn more about Georganne on the About page.