Leadership Qualities & Your Leadership Personality

Every leader has their own style, their own ways of connecting and their own perspective on what aspects are important in leadership. There isn’t one right way to manage, especially for all the different personality types, and more importantly, if you play up your strengths to overcome challenges, you can be effective regardless of your particular leadership style.

That’s why I’ve created a Leadership Personality Assessment. I want you to be able to see how you stack up as a leader and find out where your core strengths are so you can embrace your leadership qualities. You’ll also see where some of your challenges are so you are aware where growth is available. This is how leaders grow and become more effective and successful.

In order to do this efficiently, I focus on six core competencies of leaders. Those are:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your ability to keep your cool, manage your emotions and empathize with others. A grounded leader is able to see past emotional conflicts and find the best solution. With a high emotional intelligence score, you are likely to be the person come to in order to solve disputes or receive unbiased feedback.


This leadership skill is about how effective your communication is. This measures how you see your ability to give information and have others correctly comprehend it. Communication also includes how we relate to vendors in addition to coworkers and employees. An effective communicator is a respected leader because there is clarity in the air. If people often need to hear instructions or guidance several times due to confusion, you might want to grow your communication skills to make your whole team grow.

People Management

People management is a leadership skill that supports smooth relationships and therefore effective results in your business. If you are strong in this skill, your people are in the perfect places in your business and there is little friction among the members of your team. If you this isn’t a natural gift for you, it is a skill that can be learned.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking means that you are able to see big goals as a thrilling challenge to come up with an action plan. You likely come up with unique solutions because you can see both the big picture and the steps to get there. Strategic thinking is an essential skill for leaders as they have to be able to find the answers that no one else can.


The power of Persuasion is a gift in business. Whether you are negotiating a big contract or motivating sales people to stretch their goals, having the ability to persuade and influence is an important quality for a leader. These skills are important for both internal and external relationships. This leader is great at sales and also breaking bad news by making it seem positive.

Continued Growth

Leaders need to continue growing. It’s required to stay on top. They read and invest time and money on growing their skills. They also ensure they instill in their employees the important of continued growth and encourage them to seek out mentors, industry knowledge and workshops that can hone their skills.

Where do you stack up?

Find out with the Leadership Personality Assessment. You’ll answer some questions about you and then get immediate feedback to your personality type.

Take the Leadership Personality Assessment.

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