Leadership 2

Every Leader Needs Support.

We teach you how to make every player on your team an MVP.

If you've been heading up a business or a department and feel like you just aren't coming across as the leader you want to for your team, By George Coaching can help you craft a team of star players.

  • What if every player gave it their all?
  • What if every player was focused on the goal and inspired to get there?
  • What if hiring only came into play when you were growing and you were known as the company to work for?

You can. Our coaches are always growing their skills and creating new tools to help you become the leader you've always wanted to be.


If you've dreamed of any of these:
  • Having employees that are super-motivated that creatively manage challenges
  • Being the leader that makes space for their team to learn and grow
  • Seeing your team work and play cohesively and collaboratively together
  • Having the time and space to learn and grow as a leader

Then contact By George Coaching to set up time to talk about the skills and tools your team needs to be on the same page and working together productively. Set up a call, a trial class or even have me speak with your team to see what they have on their minds.


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Leadership doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Business changes so fast it is difficult for even the most 'natural' leader to find time for consistent focus on growth in order to lead a strong team, meet goals and inspire others to grow too. A coach helps you stay focused so that you can maximize your growth and build the right habits that build success. Whether you need to know how to be more respected as a leader, get your team organized, hit specific profit goals or attract new business,  Georganne can help you stay on track and meet your goals.

If you want business growth, call an expert.

Contact Georganne for a free consult.

Some of the topics covered in leadership coaching:

Uncovering strengths, challenges & goals

This is your one on one meeting that walks you through tactics, mindset and accountability that leads to Performance Driven Thinking.

Assess Where You Are

You’re offered a powerful assessment and we review the results together. We’ll discover how you can increase your ability to motivate and inspire yourself and others, while breaking through your personal success barriers.

Personal Branding & Why it's important

We’ll determine what it is that you stand for, so you can lead sales dialogues that lead to the RIGHT people opting to get to know you better.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up: Maximizing your Effort

You’ll get super organized with your contacts and aggregate them into your Customer Relationship Management Program.

Timing is Everything

You’ll master time management. Setting goals, planning your year/ month/ week/ day and optimizing your to-do list.

Live Your Best Life: Business & Personal

You’ll create a health plan where you’re accessing extreme energy, looking like a million, and feeling great.

Keeping your clients close

You’ll create a frequent and consistent way to stay in front of your potential clients/customers. You’ll host a monthly event that your network looks forward to and counts on.

Be a Magnet for New People

You’ll determine your approach for meeting new people- potential clients, referral partners, friends – who have you earning more and living better.

What clients have to say:

"Georganne has been the single biggest factor in developing and expanding my family-law mediation practice. She was able to identify areas of my marketing and networking strategies that were ineffective and focus on areas that became highly effective."

~ John G. Millett, JD

Alternate Dispute Resolution Expert for Divorce, Family & Business


"I cannot say enough about Georganne. She was able to help me focus on my ideal clients and showed me how I can best keep them top of mind. In a world of constant change and information overload Georganne helps you to stay focused and keep the channels of communication flowing with your clients without overwhelming them. Georganne, speaks from experience and understands the entrepreneur spirit and the many hats we wear on a daily basis."

~ Kim Cullen Black

Financial Advisor at Edward Jones


"Georganne is focused on helping clients make real changes in their business and obtain positive results! She's been successful in business and is now a great teacher and mentor. I highly recommend Georganne if you want your business to grow (careful what you wish for!)."

~ Doug Sce

M&D Group Inc


"Georganne was instrumental in helping me to grow my business this year. I had a baby and a pre-schooler, and wanted to keep my family a top priority, while also creating stability and growing the business. I was overwhelmed. 

Finding Georganne was a great cornerstone to a successful year. We put fun activities at the top of the list, and then worked out how to maximize my working hours. I got clear on my brand and what I offer clients, and gave retention much more focus. I ended the year with 28% revenue growth, and I am poised to grow again this year!"

~ Jen Kline Clark, Publisher

Bucks County Coffee News

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