Know Where You Want to Go

Email of March 2023:
Well, here we are. Well into the first quarter of a bright new year. And just a few weeks away from ditching the resolutions we make year after year. Do you make resolutions and/or set personal and business goals for your year? Then what? A goal is a dream until you give it a deadline. But to bring those goals to fruition, you also need a plan—a roadmap of sorts. So I ask you: “Do you know where you want to go this year?”
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Not sure where to begin? Let me send you a worksheet that will help you sort through last year while it inspires you to think about specifics for the year ahead—with as few detours as possible. It takes maybe 45 minutes to go through this valuable tool. Give it a shot! Once you click the button below or reply to this email requesting my FREE Annual Coaching Exercise, two things will happen: You will receive my short exercise in worksheet form to print and fill in. You’ll breathe a bit easier knowing you’ll have a roadmap to a successful year. Then, whether you feel inspired, motivated or even overwhelmed, we can set up a short call to go over your thoughts and see where you can begin.
Click here for your Annual Coaching Excercise Worksheet
Set aside 30 minutes or so. Find a pleasant, quiet place. You’ll need pen, paper and your own memories, wishes and dreams. There are no wrong answers. This is for YOU; answer from your heart.
Start with these topics and, yes, really hand-write them out.  Your brain ‘holds on’ better to things you write in your own handwriting.
Next Steps:
You have 3 ways to connect directly with me for a 20-minute coaching discussion:
1. Email me right now:
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See how I’m making your life easier already? 

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