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Finding the right program or coaching for your team can be a challenge. With By George Coaching programs you can customize our programs to fit your needs. Our coaches stay up-to-date on coaching certifications and the latest tools to ensure your team achieves all the goals they have planned.

Some of the topics we cover with clients:


  • Coaching Leaders that develop Coaching Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Creating processes that breathe efficiency
  • Company culture employees crave
  • Creating ownership & a learning environment
  • Improving profits through efficiency
  • Increasing productivity among the team
  • Agile Leadership
  • Developing internal training & programs
  • Business Development Planning
  • Client Engagement & Sales Strategies


We have a team of qualified business coaches and leaders to help you through a variety of struggles you might have in your company, in your teams and in your processes. We're prepared to help your business be more prosperous and connected.

If some of your biggest concerns are:

  • Lack of key leadership successors 
  • Creating a positive culture in the workplace that is engaging and connecting for employees
  • Ways to communicate critical feedback
  • Developing and maintaining employee motivation
  • Development of Sales Managers and Sales Stars
  • Understanding all generations and how they can work together

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We'll talk about your biggest concerns. Then, I can meet your team to see what their biggest concerns are. Sometimes this is in a trial training, sometimes this is one-on-one depending on what we think is best. From there, we can identify the gaps and areas of need and develop a group training, individual coaching, or a hybrid of both. This means the support is going directly to those who need it.


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About Georganne's coaching and team training.


"As a small business owner there are so many decisions and challenges we face every day. Many solo entrepreneurs are expected to do this and run every aspect of the business. I met Georganne a year ago after being in business almost 2 years. I realized after talking to her, that her experience and knowledge was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we are too close to a situation or event to see all views clearly. Georganne helps me to process and look at areas that I hadn't considered or realized were important. You wouldn't train for a Marathon or the Olympics without a coach. Why wouldn't anyone who has so much time, energy and money invested in their dream not hire Georganne to coach them to make those dreams a reality. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there that take a 2 week course or get a "certification" and think they are a "Business Coach" or "Consultant". Don't be fooled. Georganne is the real deal! Her experience and knowledge sets her apart!"

~ Gerry Christopher
Owner, Certified Oncology and Licensed Esthetician at Nu You Skin Care LLC


"Georganne has been the single biggest factor in developing and expanding my family-law mediation practice. She was able to identify areas of my marketing and networking strategies that were ineffective and focus on areas that became highly effective."

~ John G. Millett, JD
Alternate Dispute Resolution Expert for Divorce, Family & Business


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