How to Achieve Work-Life Balance (Yes, it IS possible!)



One of the biggest challenges most people have with balancing their work lives with their personal lives is that they think the two are separate. They aren’t…

It’s all about living.

The pursuit of work-life balance is really about having every aspect of your life — professional and personal — be meaningful and aligned with your values and your goals.


So what exactly is Work-Life Balance?

 Work-Life Balance is all about honoring your goals and your values. It is defined as prioritizing your work and personal lives by utilizing the concepts of time management and resource management.  This simply means learning how to divide our time between what is important to us. Work-Life Balance is essential to managing your stress and will change over time as it will always be an ongoing issue to be managed. Work-Life Balance is not a “One Size Fits All” because each of us has different priorities and lead different lives. It is a clear that everyone can achieve work-life balance and these people who have found work-life balance in their professional and personal lives are happier, healthier, and more productive.


So what are the Signs of an Imbalanced Life?

  • Poor Health
  • Poor Performance
  • Conflicts at Home and Work
  • Burnout- unable to meet demands and overwhelmed
  • Loss of Interest/ Lack of Emotions
  • Lack of Close Relationships


Here are Some Habits you Can Put into Place to Achieve Work-Life Balance:

  • Do not Cheat Your Sleep
  • Prioritize with Time Blocking
  • Schedule Everything that Matters: Self Care, Family, Work, Play, Rest, and Plan your day in Advance.
  • Develop the Habit of Saying No
  • Practice the Art of Quitting
  • Feed Your Mind
  • Have Tech Free Time
  • Use Your Vacation Days
  • Reflect on your Life and adjust regularly- What is most important to you now at this time in your life?


Here is an Easy Way to Assess Yourself:

Work-Life Balance Chart


Ultimately, being persistent involves taking action and constantly reviewing and adjusting your strategy to guide you in becoming more successful in your business endeavors and personal lives. Don’t quit unless it makes sense!

Georganne Ford is the owner of By George Coaching/Consulting, a Bucks County based leadership and personal development coach accredited through the Coach Training Institute. To learn more about Georganne or her services, or call 215-738-5289.

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