Focused-Skills Programs

Spring 2021:

Become a Coaching Leader

Effective teams are the result of effective coaching.

Whether you know it or not, a fundamental requirement of effective leadership is your ability to coach your team. It's more than communication (although communication is an important factor). Coaching your team is about aligning all the players on your team to achieve a common goal. Coaching is also about developing a relationship of trust, feedback, and support with each member of your team.

In this 3-month program, we'll cover:

  • What coaching is
  • How coaching your team can impact your goals
  • The skills needed to coach your team
  • When to start coaching your team
  • What makes a great coaching leader
  • The basic principals of coaching
  • Coaching processes and how to use them
  • Giving tough feedback

Who this is for:

This program is for leaders who want to build a cohesive team that is focused on shared goals and collaboration. If you have anyone reporting to you, this group program is made for you.

This program will start in November, but the seats are going fast.

Here's how you get in:

  1. Schedule a pre-program call with me. We'll make sure this program is a fit for you and answer all your questions.
  2. Register for the program.
  3. I'll send you resources.
  4. We'll meet as a group twice a month online for 90 minutes via Zoom.
  5. You'll also have access to 2 private coaching sessions during the program!


Schedule a pre-program call now!

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