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I want to work with your team!

Whether you are an organization or a business, we want to work with your group! We work with groups from 3-300+ and we can come to you or organize an entire event specifically for your needs. You don’t have to provide anything but the people!

Popular topics that produce results!

  • Sales Strategies that work in Tough Times
  • Build Team Cohesion with Hands-on Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence Techniques for Better Sales Performance
  • Skill-building: Developing Great Leaders with Emotional Intelligence
  • Improving Client Experience through Better Communication Techniques
  • The Keys to Retention Strategies & Increased Profits

We can customize any event!

Have specific needs or need multiple topics? By George! has you! We’re happy to put all the content together for the topics you need! Let’s grow specific skills or solve specific problems. Contact us so we can see how we can help your team get valuable skills and tools and create measurable results.  

Options for events:

  • Virtually, in your office, or in a third party space of your choice
  • Half, full or multi-day workshop events 
  • Speaking at Retreats and conferences
  • Organizing multiple speaker events


See what our clients say!


"I have now been to two of Georganne Ford's presentations and have enjoyed them both and the last one titled “Developing Emotional Intelligence for Business and Sales Success“ was extremely informative and educational. I have been in the commercial real estate sales field for over 40 years and in my career attended many seminars/workshops and these given by Georganne and on the top of my list.

Georganne is very engaging and has an outstanding personality. She was able to create a nice atmosphere among the attendees and we all found it to be very entertaining and motivational.

I would highly recommend you consider hiring Georganne for any sales training presentations and or coaching in all facets of your business."

~ Russ Menk
Principal Partner, Arrow Real Estate Services
Doylestown,  PA


Comments from a recent presentation on EI to a group of women attorneys at Hill Wallack LLP, Attorneys at Law:

“Georganne was helpful in showing the importance of self-awareness in the workplace."

“It was helpful to learn as to how others deal with triggers that I may experience on my own. It really helped me gain some insight as to how I may deal with these types of situations in the future.”

“I thought it was interesting to think of our job path as attorneys in a different light and using various EI skills.”

“One of the most useful skills I took away from the seminar was thinking about triggers that others may have in interactions in both my professional and personal life and how to approach situations differently based on these emotional intelligence traits (or lack thereof).”

“I thought Georganne did a fantastic job encouraging participation among the group. She is a great facilitator.”

“The subject matter was relevant and explained clearly, and there was ample opportunity for the group to be engaged.”

“I would definitely recommend Georganne in the future and appreciate the time she gave us.”


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