Every leader needs support.

Having a coach is more than having someone pat you on the back. It's about having access to business expertise, holding yourself accountable to your goals and balancing work and play. There are many areas of business that I can support you with from human resources, project management, sales training, leadership principals and much more.


Flexible Coaching Options

I offer several different options for working with me. No matter what your schedule, there is an option for support.

Career Coaching Services

Have your eye on some specific career goals? I can help you get there. We'll look at where you are, your strengths and how to get to your dream-goals. Let's craft a plan together.

Contact me and let's talk about your goals.

Team Coaching Services

Whether you need an entire team coached or individual coaching for specific challenges, I'm an expert at seeing the challenges and keeping your entire team focused on business development.

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Leadership Coaching Services

Whether you are a Business Owner, Business Leader, or Sales Professional, Georganne helps you get fresh perspectives and achieve your goals.

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A typical journey can look like this, depending on your needs:

Discovery Session

This is your one on one meeting that walks you through tactics, mindset and accountability that leads to Performance Driven Thinking.



You’re offered a powerful assessment and we review the results together. We’ll discover how you can increase your ability to motivate and inspire yourself and others, while breaking through your personal success barriers.


Personal Brand

We’ll determine what it is that you stand for, so you can lead sales dialogues that lead to the RIGHT people opting to get to know you better.


The Fortune is in the Follow-up

You’ll get super organized with your contacts and aggregate them into your Customer Relationship Management Program.


Timing is Everything

You’ll master time management. Setting goals, planning your year/ month/ week/ day and optimizing your to-do list.


Live Your Best Life

You’ll create a health plan where you’re accessing extreme energy, looking like a million, and feeling great.



You’ll create a frequent and consistent way to stay in front of your potential clients/customers. You’ll host a monthly event that your network looks forward to and counts on.


Be a Magnet for New People

You’ll determine your approach for meeting new people- potential clients, referral partners, friends – who have you earning more and living better.

Coaching Programs

Georganne is a certified business coach who teaches programs that get results. She researches the programs that benefit clients the most. Where she finds programs that work, she studies them and becomes a teacher of them. Where she finds a gap, she creates her own to get her clients to the goals they want.


Book Yourself Solid is a leading program to help you master sales!

Business Fitness Series will ensure you have the core business principles, tools and knowledge to grow your business and leadership.

Add Email Coaching  or Private Coaching to your Program

I offer these self-study programs as a way for you to access the knowledge and the resources. Of course, every program is more effective with a coach because it holds you accountable and has someone else's outside view on in it. Add to that decades of business expertise, a coach can make your life and your goals easier.

Check out my programs and the options for coaching to complement the material.

See the programs.

Have a challenge that's impacting everyone?

I can speak on a variety of business, sales, communication and emotional intelligence to get your teams on the same page and get them focused on growth.

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What clients say about coaching with Georganne:

"What I have gained most through coaching is structure. I don't stress over making the right decisions because I am being guided by a professional. I have gained a lot of self-confidence. I'm a 'shiny pebble person'. Everything sounds like a good idea to me. But Georganne helps me choose which investments will work best for my budget and my business. She has also expanded my thinking about networking. A very valuable exercise I completed showed me my patterns of behavior related to growing my business. 
Georgeanne will suggest something and I think 'why didn't I think of that?' And other times I think 'I never would have thought of that!'"

~ Bobbie Burkhart


"As a small business owner there are so many decisions and challenges we face every day. Many solo entrepreneurs are expected to do this and run every aspect of the business. I met Georganne a year ago after being in business almost 2 years. I realized after talking to her, that her experience and knowledge was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we are too close to a situation or event to see all views clearly. Georganne helps me to process and look at areas that I hadn't considered or realized were important. You wouldn't train for a Marathon or the Olympics without a coach. Why wouldn't anyone who has so much time, energy and money invested in their dream not hire Georganne to coach them to make those dreams a reality. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there that take a 2 week course or get a "certification" and think they are a "Business Coach" or "Consultant". Don't be fooled. Georganne is the real deal! Her experience and knowledge sets her apart!"

~ Gerry Christopher
Owner, Certified Oncology and Licensed Esthetician at Nu You Skin Care LLC


"Georganne has been the single biggest factor in developing and expanding my family-law mediation practice. She was able to identify areas of my marketing and networking strategies that were ineffective and focus on areas that became highly effective."

~ John G. Millett, JD
Alternate Dispute Resolution Expert for Divorce, Family & Business