Employee Retention: What Leaders Do that Make Stars Stay

A study done by Kronos Incorporated, shows that 87% of Human Resources Leaders are highly concerned over employee retention. For good reason too, since the cost to replace one of your employees is estimated to cost employers anywhere from 33% to 200% of that employee’s annual salary. So losing one employee can actually be the same cost as 2 happy, productive employees.

When the Gang Won’t All Get Along: Symptoms of Ineffective Team Dynamics

People will likely be the most unpredictable factor in your business. You can pick all the right people, provide a great atmosphere and still have struggles among people in the workplace. It can be frustrating when you know you have carefully picked a team with complimentary skills that should fit well together, but there is still friction.

Team Effectiveness Assessment

How effective and efficient is your team? This quick assessment will give you an idea of where your team ranks as far […]