Can You Name Your Personal Core Values?



Core Values are beliefs that anchor our lives.  They are the things that mean the most to us, the non-negotiable characteristics that best describe who we are.

Can you name your personal Core Values?  When was the last time you reviewed or updates these values?

Values stem from our beliefs and convictions, which then guide and direct our behaviors.  Our Core Values support or reinforce us in how we live our lives. They are the essence of who each of us are, the foundation of our unique self-expression. Values help us to act with integrity, and when our life priorities are aligned with our values, we are well on our way to experiencing fulfillment in our lives.

Internal turmoil can be the result of opposing core values either with others or within ourselves. People often leave an organization because their personal values no longer match the corporate vision and values of the company. Therefore, we want to make sure there is a match between our personal values and our own business values. Once you know your values, you can create a plan or vision for your business based around these values.


Take time to identify your core values:

  • What are the values you live by now?

  • What are the values you would like to live by?

  • How would you like to see each value manifest in your life and your business/career?


Here is a sample:




Whatever values a person has will help paint the picture of the life that person wants to live. What a person holds up as important on the inside ends up being reflected, just like a mirror, in the physical world around them. But if a person is not living in alignment with their values, a disconnect between who they are on the inside and the life they are living on the outside is then created. This disconnect can easily zap a person’s energy and derail them for their goals and dreams.


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Make a list of your core values.

  2. Make your mission your priority.

  3. Create a picture of what your mission looks like completed.

  4. Clearly state the qualities you will demonstrate.

  5. Make your decisions based on your values and the end results you want.

  6. Revisit your values and vision periodically.

  7. Live every day based on what you have decided to be the most important in your life.


Georganne Ford is the owner of By George Coaching/Consulting, a Bucks County based leadership and personal development coach accredited through the Coach Training Institute. To learn more about Georganne or her services, visit or call 215-738-5289.


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