Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dream?

September 2022

Welcome to autumn . . . a time for new beginnings and refreshing weather. A time to self-evaluate. In our previous blog we talked about creating new habits. Let’s continue to learn what it takes to make positive changes in your habits and discover what might be holding you back from acting on those changes.

Do you hold yourself back with old habits that no longer serve you? Maybe you unintentionally set up roadblocks to your success. What are you saying to yourself to help or hinder your exploration of new ways of doing things?

In his talks and writings, author Shirzad Chamine came up with 9 traits that may have been beneficial in some circumstances in your past but could be holding you back from your potential now. He states, “Your mind can be your best friend, but it is also your worst enemy, involved in self-sabotage. Your self-sabotage is caused by what I call ‘Saboteurs’ in your mind.”  We all have some of these traits, but the important thing is to recognize when one is working against you.

This month I offer you a few short assignments (with some options) to add to your Success Toolbox:

Ready, Set, GO!

READY: Be prepared for anything by learning a new skill or fact.

Chamine defines Saboteur as ‘The voice in your head that generates stress and negative emotions in the way you handle challenges.’ The word sabotage actually comes from a French word for wooden shoe. It brings to mind a picture of someone walking around in wooden shoes, never changing them, no matter (old habit) how bad the blisters get and refusing a new pair of Nikes (beneficial change) because they’d need to learn how to tie them (learn new habit.) Self-defeating, to say the least.

  1. Read about saboteurs here.
  2. Catch Chamine’s 20-minute TED talk, Re:Create, here.

SET: Things to DO to help you grow:

  1. Take the assessment here to discover how to change that self-talk to positivity. The assessment will expose your invisible enemy and offer focus toward dramatic improvements in your performance, success and happiness.
  2. Journal. Write out what you hear inside your head. Then cross it out and write it in a positive manner.  For example, ‘I’m too busy to add one more thing to my morning routine’ can be flipped to, ‘I’m busy every day, and journaling will help me focus on priorities.’

GO: Here’s a little something for inspiration to keep you going:

And, as always, I’m here for a call when you need me. : Use this link to schedule  a session so we can begin to tame your ‘Saboteurs.’

Now let’s get after it! Great things are in store for you . . .

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