Re-energize & Create Your 2020 Simple, Powerful Business Plan

Re-Energize & Create Your Simple, Powerful Annual Business Plan

Maybe last year was great and you want to continue to rise, or perhaps things didn't go exactly how you wanted and you need a new boost of energy to get things going. Either way, 'Re-energize & Create Your Simple Powerful Business Plan' is the two-part workshop at the perfect time to craft the right goals and the right plan to get you there. This group course is generally held in early January.

Grow your business with a professional business plan.

Build the perfect plan in this workshop with the support of a professional coach. First you'll get really clear on what you want, what your business needs, and where you want to go. Then we'll craft a plan that will make it attainable so you can have your most profitable year yet!

Here's how it will go:

  1. You register.
  2. I send you pre-work to complete before our first meeting.
  3. We have a virtual group meeting to get clear on our goals and begin to plan them.
  4. You do some more work on your goals on your own.
  5. We meet again to solidify your plans and the path to profits!

It's the most affordable way to get professional support for having your most profitable year yet.

This package includes:

  • A downloadable guide to take you step-by-step
  • 2 group calls (90 minutes each)
  • Personal review of your final plan via email

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