Do you know where your business is going?

Leadership means growth - both business and personal.
That's what I focus on.

With my 20+ years of experience in business/leadership development and sales training, I know the hard skills it takes to run your business. In fact, I've even developed a model that works for guiding you to new levels in your business. "PACE" (Plan, Action, Competitive Edge) offers a unique, practical way to approach leadership and your business goals. I apply this method to all my classes, groups and private coaching - because it works!

But there's more to leadership than hard skills.

The most successful leaders have the practical hands-on skills, and also practice less measurable skills like clear communication, inspiring action and client/employee appreciation. These skills aren't taught in a MBA, and are essential for running a successful, profitable business. These skills focus on the relationships we build, perspectives on problem-solving, addressing priorities and big goals, and ways we keep ourselves, and our businesses, growing.

Whether you need practical tasks to improve your business or more soft skills, I have the experience and training to support your growth.

Assess where you are now

with an assessment.

I've developed two: one focused on your business's performance level and one to see what your leadership strengths are and how you can put them to work for you.

Take one (or both) now.

Or Start with a Mystery Client Review!

This service is new for non-clients! When I work with a client, either myself or someone on my team 'shops' them first. We find out if there are any red flags right off the bat and then take the client's journey with leadership to look at ways that you could improve the quantity and quality of your prospective clients.

Or look for solutions

Whether you are a new leader, a team leader, a business owner or an experienced executive, I have tools that can get you to the next level - whatever that level is. Explore my offerings.

Are you a New Leader or Salesperson?

If you are a new leader or you want to boost your sales,
I have tools that can help.

Learn more.

Are you a Business Owner or Executive Leader?

Even experienced leaders need accountability and re-focusing. I have the experience to help.

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How would you like to learn?

By George Coaching offers many paths to growth. All of these ways include both the hard skills, practical hands-on steps to growing numbers, and soft skills, less measurable but often more powerful in your day to day.

Both the hard and soft skills are essential to your business, however many soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence aren't taught in school. Georganne focuses on combining these skills in order to achieve the results you desire.

Upcoming Events

Every month I host a Master Class to help you understand and apply keys that will open you up to more business and work-life balance.

Check out my upcoming events.

From the Founder:

Hello! I'm Georganne Ford and I want to help you level up your business goals while developing leadership skills that you will use throughout your career.

I'm not a fly-by-night trainer. I've invested half my life in business leadership and continue to update my education and certifications to ensure my clients, like you, get quantifiable results to business growth... and all the other challenges that come with owning a business and managing people.

Learn more about me, on the About Me page.


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