Leader’s Mastermind for Business & Personal Growth

If you want to play a bigger game, surround yourself with leaders.

The purpose of the Leaders' Mastermind is to support service based business owners, and leaders with the tools that help take their business to the next level. This offering provides the space for leaders to solve the biggest challenges in their business by learning from an experienced coach along with a group of peers who share common goals or struggles.

This isn't just about creating the task list that produces growth, this is about growing as a leader which results in business growth. We'll talk about practical hands-on tools, and also cover the less measurable skills like emotional intelligence and personal growth.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far,  go together"

-African Proverb


Business leadership is a developed skill honed after experience and surrounding yourself by people with common goals. Our most effective and practical learning happens when we increase our mind-share by working with people who have similar goals. That's what the Mastermind is all about.

The Mastermind is aimed at inspiring, challenging, and exceeding our business and career goals with awareness and intention for growth.
The Mastermind is built for service based business owners and leaders who:

*Feel like they are at a plateau in their business and want to give it some oomph to bring it to the next level.
*Are facing challenges and could use the mind-share of peers
*Want to improve their personal leadership skills
*Would benefit from accountability in tracking and implementing improvement
*Just need a place to vent and get feedback on how they can better manage the aspects of their business
*Weren't trained in business leadership but want to ensure their skills are well-rounded and effective on a big picture level



I'll introduce the keys to developing your leadership skills.

Sample topics include:

Identifying Your Mission and Core Values
Awareness and Intention Lead to Business Growth
Strategic Business Planning
Improving Time Management
The Art of Delegating
Increasing Team Effectiveness



What you get when you join the Mastermind:

A safe place where you can talk about your business to similar business owners and professionals and create strategy for serious business growth
A structured agenda that allows time for you to share your current struggles and also teach specific business development topics
My online community where you can post questions, get feedback or just share what you've learned.
An opportunity to meet new professionals and possibly future business friends for life
Access to my monthly Business Skills Group Master Classes for free!
Connect by email anytime you are in the Mastermind
Resources to improve Your Business


What it will look like:

We meet twice a month as a group.

For the times in between, you can ask a question on our Facebook group with all your peers or email me.

Don't forget - you also get my monthly webinar series free when others pay $39!

All for only $179.99 a month!

 Did you know?

My private coaching clients are able to join the Mastermind for free!  Contact me to discuss Custom Coaching.

Why is there an application process?

The quality of this service depends on the people in the group. I ensure compatibility among the different types of service businesses and their current needs. I also take note of those who are sensitive to direct competition. Chances are, I'll find a great fit for you, but I don't want to take your money if it's not happening right now.  This is all for your benefit - to ensure you get the best experience possible by getting the most out of it for your professional and business goals.


What others have said about the Mastermind:

"Georganne Ford is hands-down the best facilitator I have ever encountered. The mastermind group that she led, helped to move me forward not only in my business, but in my personal life. She stretched me to think outside of the box. During the time I worked with her in the mastermind group my business increased, I added a part-time job to my schedule in addition to my business, and I was freed from my limiting money conversation. I highly recommend Georganne as a business coach, a personal coach and as a facilitator. Her mastermind group is top notch. If you want to move forward, don't hesitate to utilize Georgeanne's extraordinary services. She is professional, has a high level of integrity, and comes from a wonderful business standpoint mixed with a whole lot of generosity and love."

~ Jane Stinson
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach at Jane Stinson, LMT, CHC (Active Body Concepts)

"As a small business owner there are so many decisions and challenges we face every day. Many solo entrepreneurs are expected to do this and run every aspect of the business. I met Georganne a year ago after being in business almost 2 years. I realized after talking to her, that her experience and knowledge was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we are too close to a situation or event to see all views clearly. Georganne helps me to process and look at areas that I hadn't considered or realized were important. You wouldn't train for a Marathon or the Olympics without a coach. Why wouldn't anyone who has so much time, energy and money invested in their dream not hire Georganne to coach them to make those dreams a reality. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there that take a 2 week course or get a "certification" and think they are a "Business Coach" or "Consultant". Don't be fooled. Georganne is the real deal! Her experience and knowledge sets her apart!"

~ Gerry Christopher
Owner, Certified Oncology and Licensed Esthetician at Nu You Skin Care LLC

This is your chance to work with an expert coach for a fraction of the price  while having the experience of peers who share the same goals - grow their business and themselves.


This is the environment true leaders are grown in.

Join us!

About the leader, Georganne Ford:

Georganne is an accredited member of the International Coach Federation with over 20 years of sales, marketing, and management experience. She pulls the greatest leadership qualities out of you to help you reach your potential - in business and life.

Georganne is the real deal according to her clients because she covers more than just the book knowledge. She learns about your team and helps owners and stake-holders see the big picture. With her diverse business expertise and her consistent desire to learn more and have impactful business discussions, she's covered many topics in the past like:

  • Identifying Core Values
  • Career development
  • Strategic planning
  • Improving time management
  • Feedback and Coaching for Increased Accountability
  • Customer Retention
  • Increasing team effectiveness

Learn more about Georganne on the About page.



Take this opportunity to get serious about your business.

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