Leadership Personality Assessment

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When it comes to leadership, we all have different styles, gifts and challenges. There is no one right way to lead. It has to do with what we are passionate about, what we think is important and what inspires us to lead. When we try to assess ourselves, it can be a struggle to truly […]

Customer Retention

Perform a SWOT Analysis NOW, rather than later!

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The challenge faced by all businesses is delivering the client a product or service he or she values and doing so better than the competition. To meet this challenge, a business or firm must examine its operations and set meaningful goals based on its current environment and financial position. A SWOT analysis is an excellent […]


What’s Your One Thing?

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Every single person on Earth has 168 hours in a week; so how come some people accomplish so much and others so little? It’s simple: prioritization. Those who accomplish more examine all the things on their plate – from responding to emails to designing a PowerPoint for a big presentation to developing and implementing a […]

Business/Leadership Coaching

4 Steps to Creating a New Habit

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Your daily habits ultimately form the person you are, the things you believe, and the personality that you portray in both your personal and professional life. But what if you want to improve? What if you want to […]